I’m unsure how to summarise this weekend. I’ve been in Leeds celebrating my impending thirtieth with two of my closest friends. Knowing me as well as they do, after over twenty years of friendship, they planned a brilliant weekend full of surprise activities. Ranging from the constructive to the slightly more…deconstructive. As a result my powers of creativity are slightly subdued.

In the process of convincing ourselves that we have fully matured into well-rounded, balanced human beings, they had booked us into a handstand yoga workshop in the morning. As often happens when we get together, it felt a bit like regressing back to a gym class at school, giggling in the back row. After an hour and a half of trying (and failing) to do a handstand, we balanced out the rest of the weekend eating, drinking, debating and reminiscing. 

As I get older, the number of people who I actively keep in touch with, especially from our school days has decreased dramatically. But as I type this, on a very slow, overheated & overcrowded train back to London – fully equipped with yoga aches, pains and a horrific hangover – I realise the value in fewer friendships if they are all like these.

In the workshop, the teacher’s advice was that the only way to get into a handstand is to focus fully on all the small things, any slight distraction would disrupt your progress. And, true to form, every time I told myself I couldn’t do it, I fell immediately. Our thoughts play a powerful role in creating our reality.

A side-effect of writing this blog, and deciding what to share, has been how grateful I’ve felt this weekend. There’s something incomparable to being with old friends who have been through good and bad times together. Whether trying to stand on our heads or just catching up on each other’s lives, it has been a lot of fun, and I’m certain there’s a lot more still to come.