Welcome to December. Prepare to embrace the new, month-long version of the Friday excuse. Four weeks of the year where almost any  frivolous behaviour can be justified by the standard “It’s December” response. 

Want to wear a ridiculous reindeer jumper which jangles when you walk around? Go for it, it’s December. Skip the gym in favour of going out for dinner? No problem, ’tis the season. I respond well to any seasonal developments particularly when they involve an abundance of fairy lights, sparkly things, cosy clothes and mulled wine. Our revived office Christmas tree is a twinkling reminder of the fast-approaching holiday. 

It’s a shame that this general sense of festive cheer does not seem to have spread to London commuters. I’ve just witnessed a ruckus between some passengers over the usual personal-space related issues. It took a considerable amount of self control on my part not to tell them, “chill out guys, it’s December.”