I love the concept of the Middle Way. Buddhism teaches walking the path of the Middle Way, which to me represents a perfect balance. We can only be strong if all aspects of our lives our strong; physical, intellectual and spiritual. Similarly, there is no point in spending hours meditating if we are ignoring our physical needs, or solely focusing on our ego-driven needs and ignoring our inner wisdom. The Middle Way bridges the gap between extremes. Just as hedonism is not a valuable way to live, nor is self-sacrifice.

I must admit, balance is not my forte, which is probably why I value this principle so highly, and can see such a marked difference when I strive to create harmony and balance in my daily life. I thought I’d escaped getting sick this winter, but woke up yesterday full of cold, and one of those brain-freeze headaches you get when you eat ice-cream too quickly. I spent the day sniffling and sneezing at my desk, slave to hot honey and lemon and feelings of self-pity. But of course to some degree it is the inevitable cause of not getting enough sleep or taking care of myself. The timing isn’t great either as I have today off work and am on my way to Cologne for a Winter weekend break with Kev.

As I was packing this morning I came across 170 euro in my dressing table drawer. Cue surprise…elation….joy! Followed, and this is no exaggeration, five minutes later by a tracked delivery through the postbox from France. Excitedly open envelope and recall just about enough of my A-level French to understand it’s a speeding fine. Cost? 180 euro. That puts me back at minus 10 euro. Ironically though, I think this experience is kind of fitting with my Middle Way theme. It’s pointless being swayed by unsubstantial things which happen to us. They might seem important one minute but the next they are rendered irrelevant.

I must go now, as I’m shortly due to board the Eurostar and ride all the Middle Way from London to Germany.