My name is Jen. One of my childhood dreams was to become a writer. Then life took over, and I found myself living in London with my fiance and working in events for a small media company. I really enjoy my job and it does involve writing, as I write conference programmes for charity professionals. Not exactly the bestseller I had in mind. But I enjoy it, it’s a vibrant sector and allows me to meet and connect with all sorts of people.

Recently I realised that my everyday life had become a valid excuse not to pursue my dreams. I thought I couldn’t possibly be ‘inspired’ during the daily grind. It would have to wait until I retired and lived beside the sea.

Four years ago I was fortunate enough to find out about Nichiren Buddhism, an empowering philosophy which has entirely changed the way I approach life. This practice forces you to take responsibility for every aspect of your life, and powerfully asserts the importance of the present moment. I began this blog as an attempt to find inspiration in the least likely of places. In doing so, I have started an interesting, sometimes painful but mostly liberating journey, to unlock my own creativity, and to find value in every day. I hope you will read and relate to it, and that it inspires you to find the magic in your own mundanity. As Daisaku Ikeda asserts:

“Certainly there will be times when you wish you had more spending money, more time to sleep and more time for fun and recreation. You may feel restricted now, but you should consider your current situation as the perfect set of circumstances for your growth. Within the restrictions that define your present existence, the only thing to do is to discipline yourself and head in the direction of growth and self-improvement. In the process of exerting yourself in such endeavors, you will without a doubt build and strengthen your character.”